Cody Clifton



Cody Clifton, PharmD

Director of Practice Transformation and Clinical Programs




Cody Clifton, PharmD

Cody Clifton is passionate about leveraging the value of community-based pharmacies. In the past decade, Cody has been a cashier, a technician, a student pharmacist, a pharmacy intern, a pharmacy resident, and a pharmacist within community-based pharmacy. He recognizes the value that each staff member provides within this setting. 

Cody began working at a community-based pharmacy in Walnut, Mississippi during high school. He graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2013 and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2016. Cody went on to receive post graduate training through a community-based pharmacy residency with the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy and Moose Pharmacy in Concord, North Carolina where he contributed mightily to quality improvement initiatives and expanded patient care services as well as managed high-risk adherence and transitions of care patients. 

With his role as a practicing pharmacist within a community-based pharmacy, he gains insights about how to move the profession forward as pharmacies transform their practices. Cody actively implements the changes that are occurring across CPESN pharmacies within his practice site, Duvall Family Drugs in Duvall, Washington. Through these works, he assists in developing achievable workflow strategies for CPESN pharmacies. 

In his role with CPESN USA, Cody serves as the Director of Practice Transformation and Clinical Programs. He leads pharmacy practice transformation initiatives within CPESN USA and Flip the Pharmacy.