Kerry Kribbs



Kerry Kribbs, BBA, MHA

Network Liaison



Kerry Kribbs, MHA

Throughout her 20+ years working in healthcare, Kerry has been most passionate about helping improve the lives of the patients she touches. Her healthcare career began in the pharmaceutical industry in the 1980’s as a Sales Representative, Hospital and Managed Care Representative and District Manager with Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals. She moved from Florida to South Carolina to Virginia and finally to North Carolina, where she has resided since 1996. Kerry is working with both CPESN USA and with Community Care Physician Network. She is excited about leveraging the best of both and sharing best practices between the two. 


Kerry has been employed with Community of Care of North Carolina (CCNC) for over three years, most recently as a Practice Recruiter and Facilitator with the Heart Health NOW project. Prior to working on Heart Health NOW, she was a Project Coordinator with the North Carolina Health Information Exchange. Before CCNC, Kerry worked at Community Care of Southern Piedmont – one of 14 CCNC networks. Kerry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University and a Master’s degree in Health Administration from Pfeiffer University.


Kerry has been married to her husband Jack, a Family Practitioner, for 25 years and has two children, three step-children, one beagle, five horses, one rabbit and 26 baby chicks. In her spare time, Kerry loves to travel, play backgammon and go white water rafting.