CPESN South Dakota


Mission Statement: South Dakota Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service Network (SD CPESN) is committed to creating and maintaining a high-quality state-wide network with enhanced pharmacy services that put the patient at the center of care.


Network Description: SD CPESN is a dynamic network of community-based pharmacy practices dedicated to providing enhanced services to our patients. Our efforts focus on improving patient health outcomes by adhering to a core set of value-based health-care measures with full collaboration of all healthcare team members. A critical feature of the SD CPESN system is the formation of agreements with payers, health care systems, accountable care organizations, and other key stakeholders to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care services. SD CPESN use of the most current clinical services and enhanced pharmacy services allows network members to be leaders in community pharmacy and rural-based care.


How to join? 

Contact: Curtis Rising, PharmD
Email: 0461@medicineshoppe.com

Phone: 605-348-6305

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