CPESN® Wyoming

Mission Statement:  CPESN Wyoming is a network of high performing pharmacies with the goal of increasing the quality of patient care and reducing overall health care costs.  Through a multidisciplinary team approach with other healthcare providers, our patients can achieve therapeutic outcomes with safe and effective therapies.

Description of the local Network:  CPESN Wyoming began formation in 2017 and is working towards network adequacy to serve all Wyoming residents with enhanced pharmacy services.  CPESN Wyoming is comprised of retail pharmacies that are committed to providing enhanced services beyond traditional medication dispensing. High performing pharmacies that are members of CPESN Wyoming are dedicated to assisting patients with complex medication regimens utilizing a set of required and optional elements that are individualized based on patient needs. Ultimately, the goal of all CPESN Wyoming pharmacies is to improve patient health.

We are actively recruiting pharmacies to join CPESN Wyoming. If you are interested in participating in CPESN, please contact us at wy@cpesn.com.

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