CPESN Award-Winning Pharmacists Featured in America's Pharmacist

Award-Winning CPESN pharmacists from Kentucky, Ohio, and New Jersey were featured in the January 2022 issue of America's Pharmacist in an article entitled, "NCPA Awards Recognize Leadership." CPESN Ohio luminary Alison Haas, owner of Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center in Jackson Center, Ohio, was the winner of the 2021 CPESN Luminary of the Year Award. CPESN Kentucky pharmacist Martika Martin of Danhauer Drugs in Owensboro, Kentucky, was honored with the 2021 NCPA Innovation Center Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award. CPESN New Jersey pharmacy owner Anthony Minniti of Bell Pharmacy in Camden, N.J., won the NCPA Foundation’s NARD Ownership Award. Click here for the article.