CPESN Wisconsin Pharmacy Named Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year

Hayat Pharmacy, a CPESN Wisconsin participating pharmacy, with 19 locations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was named the Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year for 2021. Hayat pharmacist Dimmy Sokhol, a CPESN Wisconsin luminary, shared this about the announcement, "The Hayat Pharmacy team is honored to receive the Health Mart’s Pharmacy of the Year 2021! We are incredibly grateful to our team of dedicated, hard working staff, who’ve spent the last year putting themselves on the frontlines to ensure access to testing, vaccines and life saving medications for everyone in our community. We look forward to continuing to provide quality healthcare for all of Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin."
Congratulations to Dimmy, owners Hashim Zaibak, Tamir Kaloti, and the entire Hayat Pharmacy team!
Click here for the announcement.