Change the outlook
for the future
of your pharmacy

The pharmacy industry is changing dramatically. Many pharmacies are focused on just filling prescriptions. This might be ideal for patients who just want convenient access to medications.

Yet, some patients require:
More care
More answers, and
More time from their
pharmacy staff

These patients need pharmacies
focused on patients, not prescriptions.

These patients need pharmacies that are
members of CPESN® networks and CPESN® USA.

If your high-performing pharmacy is focused on patient care, become a participating pharmacy in CPESN USA and the local CPESN networks forming in your state or region.

Learn more about the CPESN USA clinically integrated network of community pharmacies

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CPESN USA provides a number of support services to local CPESN networks and their participating pharmacies.

Please email info@cpesn.com with any questions.

CPESN USA provides support services, technologies, and expertise that assist local networks as they develop and grow.