Support Solutions


CPESN USA’s focus is to develop and sustain local networks of high performing pharmacies that provide enhanced services for their patients. CPESN USA empowers local CPESN networks across America by providing services and solutions where scale and aggregation make the most sense.


Here are the key areas of support:


Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance, and Practice Transformation

CPESN clinicians and data analysts help local networks and participating pharmacies through quality improvement initiatives, practice transformation, and ongoing quality assurance measures. This includes:

  • Sharing of clinical best practices
  • Providing quality reporting through pharmacy report cards and network dashboards
  • Coaching participating pharmacies through practice transformation
  • Offering “Patient Voice” assessments


Subject Matter Expertise and Network Consultation Services

CPESN leaders share ideas and provide insights from their experiences in building, launching, and empowering local CPESN networks. Expertise and consultation is available to local CPESN networks (Hours will be allocated based on the size of the network) in the following areas:

  • General legal support
  • Luminary training and coaching
  • Network development guidance
  • Payor engagement tutoring


Marketing Services and Value Expression

CPESN marketers help local networks with branding, prospecting to potential pharmacies, and marketing to local providers and payors. Marketing support services allow you to:

  • Utilize professionally designed marketing materials that tell your story to payers and local providers
  • Generate leads through CPESN.com (and local network web pages), the pharmacy finder application, and referrals via both CPESN USA and other local CPESN networks
  • Gain access to a large and growing library of marketing content
  • Leverage collaboration opportunities, including live events and a collaboration website


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